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    Our Solution:

    ENZYCLE looks for new enzymatic processes to treat and to recycle plastic fractions that could not be recycled before. Our experts will select appropriate enzymes that have the potential to degrade non-recycled plastic fractions, produce these enzymes in new approaches and develop new processes at pilot scale for the enzymatic recycling of these fraction. Finally, ENZYCLE will test them for their suitability in industrial applications.

    Target materials:

    • Multilayer packaging
    • Post-consumer PET trays and clamshell containers
    • Microplastics in wastewater

    Our Impact:

    ENZYCLE will valorise a large and currently hard-to-treat fraction of plastic waste!

    • Decrease of non-biodegradable polymers sent to disposal or discharged to the environment
    • Reduced costs of plastic recycling
    • Creation of new bio-based value chain
    • Creation of new markets
    • Increased range of feedstocks that are able to be effectively and sustainably processed through biocatalytic systems

    Licinio Diaz Expósito

    Project Coordinator

    +34 672 387 704

    Dr Licinio Diaz, received his PhD in Biotechnology at the University of Murcia after he received his Bachelor degree in Biology (Esp. molecular biology and biotechnology) and Biochemistry and his Master’s degrees in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology and in Quality Management in Laboratories. He has more than 10 years of experience in national/international research projects. He has developed his work in bioprocesses development, high added-value plant/microbial metabolites and enzymes identification, quantification and purification and its application in food, agronomic and pharmaceutical industry. He published more than 20 articles and book chapters in peer-reviewed journals. He has worked at University of Murcia, in a collaborative relationship with ENSAIA (Univ. de Lorraine, France) and applied biotechnology companies.

    Marta de la Cruz

    Project Specialist and Technical Support

    +34 672 387 783

    Marta de la Cruz is a graduate in Biotechnology from the Catholic University of Valencia (UCV). In 2015, she did an Erasmus stay at Wageningen University (Netherlands), where she specialised in Microbiology and Industrial Processes. In 2016, she pursued a Master's degree in Microbiology and Parasitology: R&D at the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). During her university studies, she spent time at the company ADM Biopolis, the Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology (IATA-CSIC) and the Department of Microbiology II at the Complutense University of Madrid. In 2018, she pursued a Master's Degree in Packaging Technology and Logistics offered by ITENE, where she currently works.