Announcement: Guest Lecture in March!

We are happy to welcome our friends Alec Brewer & Kobe Rogers (Founders of Transfoam LLC) for a guest lecture about Innovations in upcycling, bioplastics, and biomanufacturing on Friday, 4 March 2022, at 11 a.m. (UTC +1).

Transfoam’s mission is to develop cutting-edge, bio-based technologies to eliminate the creation of microplastic pollution & accelerate decarbonization. The misuse & mismanagement of petroplastics is a mounting threat to global health. Healthier & more sustainable materials are in high demand but are limited in supply. Using engineered microorganisms, Transfoam’s proprietary bioprocess turns waste into a low-footprint, fully biodegradable plastic alternative called Polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB). PHB is a bio-based raw material that offers comparable performance to petroplastics, yet unlike petroplastics, PHB’s complete biodegradation occurs in a matter of weeks when composted & in less than 2 years in open terrestrial & marine environments. Transfoam will manufacture PHB & will work with plastic molders to turn it into healthier, more sustainable consumer goods & packaging.