BioProcessing Days 2020

Lars Blank from RWTH and Tilman Floehr from Pacific Garbage Screening are giving a tandem-talk at the BioProcessingDays 2020 in Recklinghausen, Germany. The topic of their talk are biopolymers "from waste to value".

Polymers are usually produced from natural resources which are limited, like oil. But with the help of biotechnological and chemical methods it is also possible to produce polymers from renewable ressources. And those polymers have another advantage: they tend to be biodegradable. Given the limitation of natural resources and the envirnomental benefits, biopolymers become more and more important in the future. Therefore it is essential for experts from different fields like chemistry, biotechnology or process technology to come together and accelerate the development of new biopolymers. For more information on this interesting tandem-talk check out the link: