Podcast contribution by Prof. Lars Blank on circular economy

Professor Lars Blank contributed an interview to the first episode of RWTH Aachen University’s podcast series 'To the Point – Know More in 240 Seconds'. In the episode focusing on circular economy, Professor Blank discusses the transformation of plastic waste into recyclable material.

The concept of a circular economy is centered around the preservation of natural resources. The ideal model of such an economy involves a continuous cycle where previously utilized materials are repurposed repeatedly, thereby minimizing waste production and reducing the demand for fresh raw materials. Since 2015,  Professor Lars Blank and his team at RWTH Institute of Applied Microbiology have been deeply engaged in developing biotechnological methods to recycle plastic, drawing significant attention from the scientific community and industry stakeholders. Their efforts are not just transforming waste into wealth but also propelling us towards a circular economy where every piece of plastic has the potential to be repurposed.

In a recent audio feature in the RWTH podcast To the Point – Know More in 240 Seconds, Professor Blank shares insights into the journey from conceptualization to potential industrial application. The segment, highlights the innovative strides taken by the MIX-UP team and the promising future of this technology. You can listen to that podacast episode (in German) down below.