MIX-UP joins Metabolic Engineering 15 conference in Singapore

From June 11 to June 15, 2023, researches from all over the world came together in Singapore to explore how developments in metabolic engineering can advance diverse sectors across agriculture, biomanufacturing, medicine, and more.

For the last week, four members of the MIX-UP consortium have attended the Metabolic Engineering 15 conference in Singapore. Marcela Villegas Plazas from Juan Nogales’ group (CSIC, Spain), Prof. George Guo-Qiang Chen (Tsinghua University, China), and Prof. Lars Blank and Till Tiso (both RWTH Aachen University, Germany) had the chance to participate in discussing the latest developments and to experience vibrant Singapore. Prof. Chen even won the prestigious 2023 International Metabolic Engineering Award. In one of the pictures, he is seen discussing his investigations with another star of the Metabolic Engineering community, Prof. Sang-Yup Lee.