New publication in "Metabolic Engineering" within MIX-UP!

Photo by Satheesh Sankaran on Unsplash

New MIX-UP article Engineering Halomonas bluephagenesis for L-Threonine production published. Congratulations to all involved partners from China to these great results!

Halophilic Halomonas bluephagenesis, a chassis for cost-effective Next Generation Industrial Biotechnology (NGIB), was for the first time engineered to successfully produce L-threonine, one of the aspartic family amino acids (AFAAs). Five exogenous genes including thrA*BC, lysC* and rhtC encoding homoserine dehydrogenase mutant at G433R, homoserine kinase, L-threonine synthase, aspartokinase mutant at T344M, S345L and T352I, and export transporter of threonine, respectively, were grouped into two expression modules for transcriptional tuning on plasmid- and chromosome-based systems in H. bluephagenesis, respectively, after pathway tuning debugging. Combined with deletion of import transporter or/and L-threonine dehydrogenase encoded by sstT or/and thd, respectively, the resulting recombinant H. bluephagenesis TDHR3-42-p226 produced 7.5 g/L and 33 g/L L-threonine when grown under open unsterile conditions in shake flasks and in a 7 L bioreactor, respectively. Engineering H. bluephagenesis demonstrates strong potential for production of diverse metabolic chemicals.

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