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    For this purpose, everwave is founded on two pillars: Technological innovation and ecological inspiration.
    Technological innovation focuses on a combination of active and passive cleanup technologies for rivers that prevent waste from entering the oceans. Due to their functional architecture, the stationary platform systems continuously take up and store waste drifting with the current. The flexible and AI-supported garbage collection boats are able to clean up waste hotspots in the larger environment - even in places that are difficult to access. The waste is then recycled by mechanical, thermochemical and biotechnological processes to new products.

    Ecological Inspiration comprises raising public awareness for the global plastic crisis and promoting solutions through environmental education, interactive events and creative PR activities with international outreach. This includes high quality education material, a website and linked social media channels, interviews and media coverages in news portals and television as well as presentations, information stands and special events.

    Main tasks in MIX-UP

    In the MIX-UP project, everwave manages the online blog as a platform for consistent public dissemination.


    Dr Tilman Floehr

    Managing Director and Head of Research and Development

    +49 24155709617

    Dr Tilman Floehr studied biology and holds a doctorate in aquatic ecotoxicology from RWTH Aachen University. His doctoral thesis focused on the water pollution of the Yangtze River in China. He has nine years of work experience as a scientist, coordinator of an environmental training lab, research consultant and project leader of international projects. He is a member of everwave (former Pacific Garbage Screening e.V.) for almost three years as well as a board member, and head of R&D for more than one year.

    Jacqueline Plaster

    Project Manager

    +49 172 5127469

    Jacqueline Plaster has studied biotechnology at RWTH Aachen University with a Master of Science degree. Her master thesis was part of the former Horizon 2020 project “From Plastic Waste to Plastic Value using Pseudomonas putida” (P4SB) and focused on the degradation of plastic monomers from PU and PET by using them as the sole carbon source for bacteria. She already has many years of work experience due to many part-time and student assistant jobs. She is a member of everwave (former Pacific Garbage Screening e.V.) for almost two years and project manager within R&D department since January 2020. 

    Leon Kirschgens

    Content Manager

    +49 15151551163

    Leon Kirschgens studies social science at the Cologne University and attends the Cologne Journalism School for Economics and Politics. As a freelance journalist, he is working for different newspapers and has many years of work experience in content writing. He was a content manager within the Marketing- & PR-Team of everwave (former Pacific Garbage Screening e.V.) since January 2020 until September 2022.

    Gizem Bulut

    Content Manager


    Gizem Bulut studied health care management and co-founded a sustainable start-up connecting both her passions: sustainability and health. As a co-founder and CMO, she already has many years of work experience, especially in marketing and PR. Now, she is part of the marketing team of everwave (former Pacific Garbage Screening e.V.) since August 2022.

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