14 Rue Saint Nazaire
67100 Strasbourg

    SOPREMA accounts for 18 R&D centres, in Western Europe and North America, housing more than 100 engineers and technicians. 2 SOPREMA R&D centres, situated in France, will be involved in the MIX-UP project. These centres are fully equipped with more than 1000m² of polymer synthesis and characterisation devices. The R&D HQ from Strasbourg is mainly dedicated to our waterproofing activity: from the synthesis of polyols and

    prepolymers up to complete mechanical and end-use characterisation of membranes and liquid systems. The analytics department is also located in Strasbourg. The Saint-Julien du Sault centre is specialised in insulating polymer foams. The lab is equipped for detailed characterisation of PU and XPS foams performance as well as for materials morphology studies using a scanning electron microscope

    Main tasks in MIX-UP

    SOPREMA will intervene at the end of the value chain. Our purpose is to integrate the different building blocks obtained from the enzymatic depolymerisation process into the manufacturing of materials destined for the construction activity. To this scope, SOPREMA will formulate PU based waterproofing coatings and PU thermal insulation foams

    at different lab scales. We will characterise the synthesis potential of the building blocks as well as the properties of the obtained products. SOPREMA will also evaluate the bioplasticizers solutions developed for PVC waterproofing membranes.


    Rémi Perrin

    SOPREMA Direction R&D
    R&D Director

    +33 388798439

    Rémi Perrin is a graduate of INSA Lyon Material Science Department. He has more than 15 years of experience in the R&D department management in an international context (13 R&D centres and more than 50 people around the world). Mr Perrin manages numerous projects with partners from the industry and academia. He supervised several PhD works and is author of more than 20 patents. He is an expert on the challenges in the building construction sector and has a vast awareness of the production and implementation of the building materials.

    Dr Alexandru Sarbu

    SOPREMA Direction R&D
    Materials Chemistry R&D Manager

    +33 675597330

    Alexandru Sarbu is a chemical engineer in polymer sciences from ECPM of Strasbourg and achieved his PhD at Strasbourg University in physical chemistry. He joined the SOPREMA R&D team in 2014. Since 2015, he manages the formulation development of polyurethane foam for thermal insulation. He has a broad knowledge of materials science, especially PU foam manufacturing and properties, and is the author of several indexed papers and patents.

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