The Institute of Applied Microbiology celebrated its 10+1 years anniversary

10+1 years of joined efforts in contributing to the envisioned circular bioeconomy at RWTH Aachen University.

Last Friday, on the 10th of June 2022, the our MIX-UP coordinator iAMB welcomed friends and partners to celebrate 10+1 (the celebrations last year were postponed due to COVID-19) years of success together. The celebrations started with a symposium in the morning, followed by an open lab tour, and a barbeque in the late afternoon.

At the Institute for Applied Microbiology, scientists are working on various contributions to the circular bioeconomy. These contributions are to be seen in connection with the "Meeting global challenges" goals of the RWTH Aachen University. The focus is on the sustainable production of valuable materials from renewable carbon sources (biomass, CO2, plastics). In the last eleven years, they worked with 500 students per semester, supervised 125 bachelor students, and 171 master students, secured 20+ million € in funding, contributed to 200+ peer reviewed publications, saw 44 PhD students leave the iAMB, and welcomed co-workers from 22 different countries.

For the symposium, a number of former companions and scientific friends of the iAMB were invited as speakers. Prof. Lars Blank, Prof. Victor de Lorenzo and Prof. Nick Wierckx participated as delegates of MIX-UP and gave a presentation. Next to the speakers from academia several industrial partners presented their perspectives on advances of industrial microbiology.

The celebration was a huge success with many interesting talks and a delicious barbeque.