Prof. Lars Blank gives lecture at Université de Sherbrooke

Prof. Lars Blank was invited to Biomass Technology Laboratory by a former Ph.D student last Thursday.

The Biomass Technology Laboratory (Université de Sherbrooke, Canada) team has a wide expertise in the field of carbon conversion having been involved with different and local companies for the last decade. The team has been involved at provincial and federal level and has been intensively participating to the ART-Fuel forum at the European Commission. The BTL offers a unique window in terms of research and development in the field of valorizing different sources of residual carbon, and now, also food industry related challenges.

Prof. Blank about the seminar: "It was my pleasure to be invited by Javier, a former student at the iAMB here in Aachen, from the group of Jean-Michel Lavoie. The Biomass Technology laboratory was interested in how to utilize the hydrolysis of synthetic polymers (plastics), using biotechnology. A fun seminar with a lot of discussions. Thank you for the invitation."