Scientists assemble for first annual World Plastics Summit

Scientists from around the world will come together to help tackle the global plastic pollution crisis at the first annual World Plastic Summit in Monaco.

The first annual World Plastics Summit is being organized to assemble international research leaders in plastics recycling and redesign in Monaco, under the patronage of HSH Prince Albert II, and through generous funding from Lady Oxana Girko and Mr Oleg Novachuk. This meeting will be held on March 24-26 at the Novotel Monte Carlo Hotel as part of the prestigious Monaco Ocean Week 2022. The theme of this inaugural summit is: Fostering global collaboration to accelerate plastics recycling and redesign.

The meeting will cover topics including quantifying the scope of the plastics problem from a carbon, energy, economics, and pollution perspective, the use of new chemical and biological catalysis to break down today's plastics and recycle or upcycle them, and the use of new and existing building blocks to produce circular polymers. Interaction, discussion, and teamwork between biologists, chemists, engineers, environmental scientists, material scientists, and sustainability analysts will be critical to generate new solutions, realize evidence-based policy, and ultimately stem the flow of plastics into the natural environment and the world's landfills, toward the common goal of establishing a more sustainable future for the planet. Prof Lars Blank and Dr Till Tiso will participate as delegates of MIX-UP.