Wherever Possible: Buy Locally

| By Jacqueline Plaster & Leon Kirschgens
Regional carrots and leeks without packaging

Buying fruits and vegetables regionally instead of in the big supermarket chain is not only sustainable but also healthy. That sounds great, doesn't it? We have summarized all benefits – for the environment and for us.

+ Support local farmers
Regional providers usually pay attention to high quality. If you offer bad goods, you quickly fall into disrepute. This has an impact on sales and is avoided as a matter of principle.

+ No greenhouses - less greenhouse gases
If fruit and vegetables are grown on regional open land and not in heated greenhouses, greenhouse gases are reduced!

+ Reduced packaging
Everyone who has ever shopped at the regional farmer next door may have noticed that there are usually no wrapped tomatoes or carrots. What for? The fruit and vegetables are harvested from our own fields and do not have to be packed and protected to survive long transport routes.

+ Regional and seasonal - small transportation routes
In addition to the regionality, it also makes sense to pay attention to the season. For us it has become a matter of course nowadays to be able to buy a pineapple, mango or avocado, for example, if you consider Germany as your location. What is not on the price tag: the long transport route, coupled with CO2 emissions per kg.

+ Healthier food
Fruits that are grown regionally and harvested seasonally not only taste better: they are also healthier. They are richer in vital ingredients, which is due to the fact that fruit and vegetables can mature longer in the field and accumulate healthy ingredients.