10th International Conference on Biorefinery and Biomanufacturing in Larissa

MIX-UP joined the 10th International Conference of Mikrobiokosmos, held in Larissa, Greece, from November 30 to December 2, which served as a convergence point for experts in microbiology.

Organized by the Hellenic Scientific Society Mikrobiokosmos and coinciding with the International Day of Microorganisms, the conference was dedicated to exploring the role of microbes in promoting a sustainable future. A major highlight of the event was the participation of Dr. Hendrik Ballerstedt from RWTH Aachen representing the MIX-UP consortium. He was a key speaker at the BIOCEP workshop on "Microbes as a Solution to Global Plastic Pollution". This workshop underscored the critical role of microbial technology in addressing the escalating problem of plastic waste, highlighting innovative strategies and research in the use of microbes for plastic degradation and recycling processes.