8th International Conference on Biorefinery and Biomanufacturing in Athens

The plastic revolution is on! At the 8th International Conference on Biorefinery and Biomanufacturing (#ICB2023) in Athens, Greece, the MIX-UP project was represented by brilliant minds like Ren Wei, Prof. Luo Liu, Prof. Min Jiang, Prof. Weiliang Dong, and the esteemed Prof. Tan Tianwei. Together, we are spearheading a paradigm shift in the plastic industry by championing sustainability and biodegradability. ♻️🌍 From RWTH Aachen, Till Tiso joined the meeting, representing Prof. Lars Blank.

Till had the opportunity to showcase some of the research carried out in Aachen on "Upcycling of plastic using engineered enzymes and microbes." 

During the conference, the MIX-UP team delved into biotechnological solutions for the pressing plastics crisis, exploring innovative ways to transform plastic waste into valuable resources. It was great to connect with fellow researchers and thinkers, with some of them for the first time due to travel restrictions during the COVID pandemic, to lay the foundation for future collaborations. 

A heartfelt shoutout to the organizers and our Chinese project partners for curating a session dedicated to these vital solutions. Sharing our insights and contributions was truly inspiring. 

This journey is just beginning, and we are thrilled to be part of this wave of change. Let's continue driving progress, one sustainable solution at a time!