Great news from our MIX-UP partner RWTH-AVT!

AVT joins the European database Pilots4u with their NGP2 Biorefinery.

The goal of the NGP2 Biorefinery of "Aachener Verfahrenstechnik" (AVT) is to demonstrate processes based on renewable raw materials on a technical scale. A closed process from pre-treatment, bio- and chemo-catalytic conversion to analysis and separation of the products on a kilogram scale can be realized. At the same time, the reuse of feedstock is demonstrated. This demonstration serves as research to increase the technology readiness of the process and, in addition to feasibility as a (whole) process, also allows studies of scale-up to an industrial plant. For this purpose, process spectroscopy is used to measure on-line concentrations for comparison with the laboratory results. Based on this, process control and optimization can be implemented and investigated. Furthermore, the experimental data form the basis for a reliable assessment of the performance of processes with renewable raw materials in the bioeconomy.

The NGP2 Biorefinery is now also part of the European network and database of open access multipurpose pilot and demo infrastructures Pilots4U. Congratulations to all involved members of AVT to this success!