MIX-UP Partner Prof. Jürgen Klankermayer Featured on "Gut zu wissen" TV Program

Prof. Jürgen Klankermayer, a partner form RWTH Aachen University in the MIX-UP project, appeared for a significant contribution to the German TV program "Gut zu wissen" which aired on May 4, 2024 on BR TV.

In his segment, starting at around 20:12, Prof. Klankermayer discussed advanced methods in plastic recycling, focusing on a new chemical process developed by his team at RWTH Aachen University. This process involves mixing plastic waste, freezing it with liquid nitrogen, and grinding it into a fine powder. The larger surface area of the powder allows for easier chemical reactions. Using a catalyst, the process selectively breaks down specific plastics into their molecular components, enhancing the recycling efficiency.

You can view the full episode here.