MIX-UP project meeting continues as partners move to Nanjing on day 2

The MIX-UP consortium.
In the conference room.
From left to right: Theo Guerin, Agathe Mouren and Luo Liu.
Opening of the meeting by Prof. Min Jiang.

After an intense first day in Beijing the MIX-UP consortium moved to Nanjing to meet with partners from Nanjing Tech University and continue the 7th general assembly.

The MIX-UP partners wasted no time as they moved on to the next stop of their collaborative journey. Early in the morning, the team gathered at the Beijing train station to catch the high-speed train bound for Nanjing, where they were set to meet their counterparts from Nanjing Tech University (NTU). The roughly three-hour train ride provided a valuable opportunity for partners to engage in detailed discussions regarding the project's implementation. Some used the time to delve into specific research details, while others seized the chance to fine-tune their presentations, incorporating fresh insights gained from the transformative meeting the day before.

Upon arrival in Nanjing, the partners were warmly greeted by Prof. Min Jiang, Prof. Weiliang Dong, and Prof. Jie Zhou. The conference room, carefully arranged for the next round of discussions, was equipped with the necessary tools to facilitate a hybrid meeting. This format proved effective once more, fostering real-time communication and ensuring that all partners, regardless of their physical location, could actively contribute to the dialogue. The meeting kicked off with a recap of the previous day's events, setting the stage for a dynamic exchange of ideas and project updates. Partners from Europe and China shared their reflections on the PhaBuilder visit and the discussions held at Beijing University of Chemical Technology before continuing with the next round of presentations.

Prof. Min Jiang, leading the NTU team, expressed enthusiasm about the ongoing collaboration - ­­a view also shared by Prof. Lars Blank, the European coordinator at RWTH. The collaborative effort to address plastic pollution through innovative solutions continues to gain momentum.