New publication: Methods in Enzymology, Vol. 648, Enzymatic Plastic Degradation

First methodological book published in the field of microbial and enzymatic plastic degradation.

Together with Dr Gert Weber from HZB Berlin, our MIX-UP partners Prof. Uwe Bornscheuer and Dr Ren Wei from University of Greifswald have been working on the 648th volume of the well-known book series "Methods in Enzymology". Since 1955, this series contributes to a biochemical methodological collection of recources and for the first time the field of microbial and enzymatic plastic degradation is thematized. The book addresses the recent worldwide problem concerning the drastic increase of pastics pollution and presents strategies and biotechnological methods which can help in resolving the issue.

In 21 chapters the book explores environmental consequneces caused by plastics pollution. It explains evaluation methods for microplastic pollution in aquatic ecosystems and focuses on current research questions: Which Microorganisms can be used for plastics degradation? What role do funghi play in this context? How can plastics degradation be tracked in the environment? What do we already know about the plastics degrading microbes on a genetic level and how can the knowledge be used for the development of a sustainable circular plastic economy? Our MIX-UP partners Prof. Lars Blank, Prof. Ulrich Schwaneberg, Prof. Luc Avérous and also our former P4SB partner Dr Hermann Heipipper are among the researchers, who contributed to finding answers to these challenging questions.

Congratulations to the great results!

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