Plastics Recycling and Upcycling Conference

Attention MIX-UP friends: From July 11 - 16, 2021, the Gordon Research Conference themed "Interdisciplinary Solutions for Recycling, Upcycling and Redesign of Plastics" takes place at Stonehill College, US.


In tune with global challanges concerning plastics waste, the GRC aims to unite a multidisciplinary and international community of researchers to discuss innovative solutions and strategies that ensure progress in the fields of plastics recycling, upcycling and redesign. The topics covered in this meeting include understanding the scope of the plastics problem and the issues from a carbon, energy, economic, and pollution perspective, the use of new chemical and biological catalysis to break down today's plastics and upcycle them, and the use of new and existing building blocks to produce plastics that are recyclable-by-design. The meeting is co-organised by our MIX-UP partner Prof. Nick Wierckx. You can submit your application to this meeting until June 13, 2021. For more information see: