Recent publication in "Nature Communications"

New article titled "Rational flux-tuning of Halomonas bluephagenesis for co-production of bioplastic PHB and ectoine" within MIX-UP. Congratulations to our partners from Tsinghua University, China!

Ectoine, a compatible solute synthesized by many halophiles for hypersalinity resistance, has been successfully produced by metabolically engineered Halomonas bluephagenesis, which is a bioplastic poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) producer allowing open unsterile and continuous conditions. Here we report a de novo synthesis pathway for ectoine constructed into the chromosome of H. bluephagenesis utilizing two inducible systems, which serve to fine-tune the transcription levels of three clusters related to ectoine synthesis, including ectABC, lysC and asd based on a GFP-mediated transcriptional tuning approach. Combined with bypasses deletion, the resulting recombinant H. bluephagenesis TD-ADEL-58 is able to produce 28 g L−1 ectoine during a 28 h fed-batch growth process. Co-production of ectoine and PHB is achieved to 8 g L−1 ectoine and 32 g L−1 dry cell mass containing 75% PHB after a 44 h growth. H. bluephagenesis demonstrates to be a suitable co-production chassis for polyhydroxyalkanoates and non-polymer chemicals such as ectoine.

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