Recent MIX-UP publication!

Check out the new MIX-UP publication "Feasible Cluster Model Method for Simulating the Redox Potentials of Laccase CueO and Its Variant" published in the Journal Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology. Congratulations to our partners Qixuan Jiang, Ziheng Cui, Ren Wei, Kaili Nie, Haijun Xu and Luo Liu to the success!

Laccases are regarded as versatile green biocatalysts, and recent scientific research has focused on improving their redox potential for broader industrial and environmental applications. The density functional theory (DFT) quantum mechanics approach, sufficiently rigorous and efficient for the calculation of electronic structures, is conducted to better comprehend the connection between the redox potential and the atomic structural feature of laccases. According to the crystal structure of wild type laccase CueO and its variant, a truncated miniature cluster model method was established in this research. On the basic of thermodynamic cycle, the overall Gibbs free energy variations before and after the one-electron reduction were calculated. It turned out that the trends of redox potentials to increase after variant predicted by the theoretical calculations correlated well with those obtained by experiments, thereby validating the feasibility of this cluster model method for simulating the redox potentials of laccases.


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