The Great Bubble Barrier nominated as finalists for Earthshot Prize

Photo by Alfred Schrock on Unsplash

The Great Bubble Barrier protects critical ecosystems by generating a bubble curtain along canals and rivers that blocks plastics from entering the sea. Their smart solution to plastic pollution made it to the finals of the Earthshot Prize.

The Great Bubble Barrier is an organization that has specialized in the best and most energy efficient solution for the use of bubbles to collect and remove plastics from water bodies in the last 5 years. The innovation intercepts plastic in rivers and canals before it reaches the sea. By pumping air through a perforated tube placed on the riverbed, a curtain of bubbles is created which directs plastic to the surface and towards a waste collection system.

In recognition for this outstanding work, they were nominated as finalists for the Earthshot Prize 2022. In the end, the Indigenous women of the Great Barrier Reef received the award as winners this year.

The Earthshot Prize was designed to find and grow the solutions that will repair our planet this decade. It is awarded to five winners each year and was launched in 2020 by Prince William and Sir David Attenborough.

Congratulations to the entire Great Bubble Barrier team for the great work they have done.

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