Young Minds Explore Biotechnology Innovations at Nanjing Tech University

Class 8 of 2020 from Nanjing Li Xue Elementary School recently visited Nanjing Tech University, engaging in hands-on scientific research activities.

In an inspiring educational initiative, teachers from the Synthetic Biology Engineering Team at Nanjing Tech University's School of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering recently organized an enriching visit for students from Class 8 of 2020 from Nanjing Li Xue Elementary School. This initiative, part of the "Classroom is Outside the Window" program, aimed to cultivate curiosity, exploration, and innovation in biotechnology among young learners. The goal is to cultivate the spirit of curiosity, exploration, and innovation in the field of biotechnology among young people and inherit the spirit of scientists.

Guided by  MIX-UP partner Professor Min Jiang, the students began their visit at the National Key Laboratory of Materials Chemical Engineering, a renowned science popularization education base. Here, Professor Changsong Wang introduced them to the critical applications of biotechnology in sewage treatment and biogas fermentation. The exploration continued at the Synthetic Biology Engineering Laboratory, where Teacher Xiujuan Qian demonstrated the modification of microorganisms to degrade plastic wastes such as straws, and convert it into useful products to benefit humanity.

Under the organization of teachers Yujia Jiang, Anming Xu, and Yujia Peng, the children engaged in hands-on activities using microbial cultivation technology to explore the abundance of microorganisms on their hands, deeply understanding the importance of washing hands frequently, and finding joy of scientific experimentation.

The visit left a lasting impact, inspiring the students' interest in biotechnology and its role in addressing global challenges. This initiative aligns with MIX-UP's goals of promoting a circular bio-economy for plastics through innovative recycling methods.