That's How to Easily Wrap Presents In a Sustainable Way

| By Leon Kirschgens & Jacqueline Plaster
Plastic, plastic, plastic: Most of our presents are still wrapped in unsustainable paper.

Christmas is just around the corner. At the latest a few days before gift giving on Christmas Eve, we also need wrapping paper. Here we show you how to wrap them in an environmentally friendly way.

There are just a few things that are not under a special sign at this year's Christmas. But one thing will certainly remain the same: Gifts need to be colourfully wrapped - the sight of the presents is a joy in itself.
But all too often we still wrap our presents in plastic foil, fix them with adhesive tape and decorate them with plastic ribbons. We throw most of it away afterwards. Unfortunately, the Christmas season also contributes to the growing mountain of rubbish. Gifts can be decorated and even reused without plastic wrapping. We show you three possibilities.

  • leftover fabric - for example an old bed sheet

Every one of us has that one piece of fabric at home that just lies around - be it a sheet or the old blanket. At Christmas, it finally makes sense again: cut it up and wrap your present in it. You can close it with a cord.

  • Paper from an old magazine or newspaper

Some people still have a printed newspaper at home. What usually ends up in the paper bin week after week or day after day is ideal as packaging. Again, the cord will help you to close it. A little tip: Maybe you can even find a nice headline to go with the gift?

  • Old post boxes

All year round the postman comes and brings us parcels - especially in the pre-Christmas period. If the carton does not land in the bin right away, it usually stands around uselessly. You can change that and reuse it as a present. The special thing about the box: Even if the gift is much smaller, you can place a huge gift under the tree, depending on the box. The others will be amazed!

  • If there is no other way: wrap paper made from sustainable raw materials

More and more suppliers are advertising with gift wrap paper made from sustainable raw materials. This does not mean that it can be easily recycled, and additional energy is also required. But if newspaper or cardboard is out of the question, for example because it is a gift for the boss, then it is still better than conventional gift wrapping paper. You can quickly find what you are looking for on the internet and now also in retail stores. Some suppliers even support social projects, the cradle-to-cradle principle. But try to do without adhesive tape here as well and save the gift for later gifts if possible.