MIX-UP in China for 7th General Assembly

Social activity - Great Wall of China
Arrival at Beijing Airport.

Exciting project milestone in October 2023: European and Chinese project partners finally unite face-to-face in China for the first time since the project start in 2020 due to persistent COVID-19 restrictions that made travelling impossible.

In October 2023, representatives of the European MIX-UP partners form RWTH Aachen University, University College Dublin, University of Greifswald, French National Centre for Scientific Research and Forschungszentrum Jülich successfully travelled to China for a long-awaited in-person meeting with our Chinese partners from Nanjing Tech University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Tsinghua University and Chinese Academy of Sciences

Since the project's initiation in 2020, attempts to organize international face-to-face meetings had been prevented by the pandemic's disruptions and stringent travel restrictions. However, 2023 brought a beacon of hope, enabling the MIX-UP team to organize the 7th general assembly in Beijing and Nanjing, China.

Upon landing in Beijing, the European team experienced a warm welcome coordinated by their partners from BUCT, led by Prof. Luo Liu. Prof. Liu organized an insightful "get-to-know" session, which included visits to iconic landmarks such as the Palace of Heaven and the Great Wall for the European representatives to explore the rich cultural tapestry of China.

Remarkably, the team's arrival at the airport revealed more than just a warm reception. Posters advocating solutions to plastic pollution were displayed in the entry hall, showcasing China's commitment to addressing environmental challenges of the plastic crisis — precisely the focal point of our joint project MIX-UP.

As the teams from Europe and China join forces, the synergy created during this visit is expected to propel the MIX-UP project to new heights, emphasizing the importance of international collaboration in overcoming global challenges. Stay tuned to learn more about the team`s meeting at BUCT, the visit of the PHA builder, the following journey from Beijing to Nanjing and the meeting at NTU.